Just Be You.

So recently I was on YouTube and I found this video called “Great to be me” by Anna Akana. Being curious I clicked on it (as should you).

Whoa. Okay, that was deep. And when you get to think about it, it’s true. I mean sure, we all want to change ourselves, but our bodies are part of who we are. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for you doing whatever to make yourself happy (Except drugs. Drugs are a big no-no.). But when you get to thinking about it, you need to be yourself, especially when people are saying you shouldn’t.

So don’t go out into the world trying to change yourself. Just be you.

~Mirisa XO



This song makes me feel better when I’m feeling down about my social status.  I’ve been kind of going through a tough time regarding that the past couple of days, so I’ve had it on repeat.  The little nuances of Wicked in it just make it even better.  All you have to do is be true to you.