I still have an imaginary friend. He doesn’t really have a name, but I talk to him sometimes when I’m feeling bad. It makes me feel more sane than just talking to myself, even though they’re both essentially the same thing.  Don’t judge me.



Pretty Metal, Right?

When I was painting my room, there was a bug flying around my face and I smashed it on the wall with the paint roller. I’m squeamish with bugs and didn’t want to touch it, so I just painted over it. There’s a bug corpse plastered on my wall somewhere.  Don’t judge me.


I’m probably gonna be a crazy cat lady

Cats are my cryptonite. If I’m at a party hosted by someone who happens to own a cat, you can bet you’ll find me petting the cat instead of talking to people. Will I grow up to become a crazy cat lady? Who knows? Probably. I will judge you on how you treat your cat. You’ve been warned.