8 Things I Will Teach My Future Daughter…

8- It’s All Going To Be Okay.

Let’s face it. We’ve all had those days where the sun is shining, but you have your own personal raincloud over your head. Sometimes we’re not even sure why, but that’s okay. You’re allowed to have those days where all you want to do is sit in your bedroom eating pizza and ice cream while watching every romantic movie that’s ever been made. You’re allowed to have mental breakdowns where all you do is either break down crying or turn into Godzilla. You’re allowed to wake up at two in the morning just to make a single cupcake and then devour it all in two bites (although we all know that most of the time it really only takes one bite). The thing that we have to remember however, is that we are women. We are strong. We are a gift to the world even if the world doesn’t see it that way. It’s all going to be okay… even if you never think it will be again.

7- Save It For Someone Who Loves You

If I could go back to whenever I first had sex, I would run in the room wearing a banana costume, banging on bongos, and screaming at myself to stop. No one ever really knows when they’re ready for “it,” but the thing is that no one really never is. The only time where you can be absolutely sure that you’re ready is if you’re married (You were right Mom. There I said it…). The thing that young girls need to understand now is that having sex is like someone taking a part of you, and when they take that part, you can never get it back. If you’re going to give something really special to someone that you love, don’t you want them to keep it forever?

6- Get The Extra Cheese

Everyone has an opinion of you. No matter how thin, tall, thick, or short you are, someone somewhere will have an opinion. The thing is that it’s up to you to see how they see you. Being you is one of the best things that you could ever do, even if it means that you go to Pizza Hut every Thursday, sit in the back corner, and eat a large pizza with hot dogs, anchovies, pineapple, and extra extra cheese. As long as you like you, why should someone else?

5- How To Cook

Unless you want to be eating Ramen noodles and PB&J sandwiches you’re whole life, at least learn a few things. Firstly, you can (and I’m sure you will) catch something on fire. Secondly, you cannot boil eggs in the microwave. And thirdl- you know what? We’ll just put you in Home Economics…

4- It’s Okay To Say No

We all hate to hear it, but sometimes we just need to say it. Oh, you want me to go with you to look for a dress for your date and skip my college interview? You want me to spend my last $20 to go to the movies? Um… no. Believe it or not, this is a good word. Embrace it, believe in it. Besides, you’ll probably be hearing it a lot from me anyway…

3- It’s Okay To Pamper Yourself From Time To Time

Manicure. Pedicure. Haircut. Massage. Facial. SOMETHING. Sometimes you need to “feel pretty.” You just need to figure out what it takes.

2- Girls Rule And Boys Drool

No matter what, you’re going to have your heart broken, and most likely it’ll happen a lot. What you have to remember is that your girlfriends have you back. Sit back for a day or two eating ice cream and watching “The Fault In Our Stars” a couple hundred times, I promise you that you’ll feel better. Why? Because your friends are there to help you (plus they’re extremely funny so that helps ease some of the pain).

1- No Matter What, Your Mom Has Your Back

My mom is literally one of my best friends. She talks about everything with me. She and I call each other on a regular basis. We make sure to make time for one another. The best part is, even when I feel like she’s cheering for everyone else, I know that she’s really cheering for me. I know that if I’m broke down on the side of the highway, she’ll be the first person to show up to make sure I’m okay. I know that if I’m in dire need of money, she’ll be there. I know that if I’m having problems with anything, she’ll be there to listen. Because that’s what mothers are for. To be there. No matter what.

~Mirisa XO


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