Bravest Warriors

I’m a huge Adventure Time fan, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out one year ago that the creator had another show coming out.  Bravest Warriors, an online show released through YouTube, is now ranked among my top favorite shows and I never miss an episode.  Today, part one of the two part season two finale was released and man are things shaping up to be something big.

Set in the year 3085, Bravest Warriors centers around a four teenage heroes as they tackle carrying on the legacy of their heroic parents.  From their hideout on Mars, Chris, Beth, Danny, and Wallow try to negotiate the laws of space and time, as well as their own safety and emotions, as they adventure around space helping adorable aliens and saving worlds.

The Courageous Battlers, parents of the Bravest Warriors, disappeared inside the See-Through Zone two years before the start of the series.  Johnny Tezuka, Beth’s dad, escaped and returned home with her, although she’s noticed he’s not the same.  The Aeon Worm, a malevolent force of the “highest evolution”, has begun manipulating him, using Tezuka to search for every possible way out of his See-Through Zone prison.

I don’t want to spoil the episode for anyone who’s going to watch it, but the finale will be focusing on the Aeon Worm and its plot to escape into the Bravest Warriors’ dimension.  Although the episode seems to be more focused on setting up the action to follow in the second part, it’s still true to form.  It shares a lot with Adventure Time, including its art style and quirky humor, but Bravest Warriors is truly unique.  It’s utterly fantastic at balancing the funny with the serious, this episode especially, and will have you invested before you even know what’s happening.  Bravest Warriors has a cast of characters anyone would enjoy and this smart, fresh show is definitely headed towards a bright future.

I would encourage anyone with a penchant for humor, science fiction, or cartoons to look into the show.  It’s personally one of my favorites and I’m sure the season two finale is shaping up to be a doozy.  I can’t wait!



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