Life is scary, yo

Guys, college is scary. I’m so worried about this I don’t even know what to do. I feel like all I’ve really been talking about is school and the future, but, hey, I can’t help it. That is literally all my life consists of right now.

That means all my life has consisted of for the past couple of months is fear. Honestly, I’m terrified. I’ve been trying not to let people know, but forget that. It’s out now.

But really, my whole life is about to turn upside down. I’m only going two hours away from my home, but that might as well be on the other side of the country. All of my friends are staying here together and I’m the only one moving away. I’m going to have to find my own way around instead of relying on my parents. I’ve lived with my sister for as long as I can remember, and now I’m going to move in with a complete stranger.

I am so scared of my friends moving on without me since they’ll all be here and I won’t. I’m scared of losing touch with my sister, the person closest to me out of everyone. I’m scared my parents won’t know what to do without me (Wow, full of yourself much?).

But whatever. Fear’s a part of life and I’m going to just have to deal with it. I’ll just have to believe that everything’s going to be okay. It’ll be okay.



About somewhatsara

Hello, internet friends! My name is Sara and I am a college freshman. Books are my best friends and my computer is the reason I don’t go outside. I am majoring in English and double minoring in Writing and Game Studies and Design, so maybe you’ll be playing one of my games someday. I never go anywhere without some type of music and I draw when I’m bored, although not very well.

One thought on “Life is scary, yo

  1. Dude..have a cup of tea.. and calm..the bleep….down. You come from a military family…know what that means? For our family, it has meant that wherever we were stationed, no matter how far apart we were at any given time, we were still connected. It has also meant that we were always together. I take pride in the fact that we have two teenage daughters who actually enjoy being around us and that the four of us can laugh and joke together. You, more than Emily, have always been scared of other people. As a small child, taking you to a neighbor’s barbecue would practically cause a meltdown, while Emily would happily walk around and schmooze with people. But she was socialized at a younger age than you were. It’s scary I know, but you just have to accept it as the inevitable now, and say, oh well, no turning back now. ;D

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