I’m a Busy Bee!

Looking for a house

Every single one of these things have kept me SUPER busy over the last couple of weeks. But that’s a good thing. Right?
Lately it seems that I haven’t had time for anything. I go to work, my hours changing constantly, at least five days a week. I see Dennis at least four times. I dedicate at least one day to cleaning and shopping. And most of my down time, is spent looking for a house so that I can get out of this place. And even now at 10:30 at night I hardly have time to write these few words.

It’s kinda crazy.

As much as I like not being bored, I’ve been pretty lonely. I haven’t seen my mom in the last four days-and we live in the SAME HOUSE. Sure, I have Dennis, but most of that time is limited because either he or I have to go to work. I haven’t seen any of my friends since graduation, which I’m not sure why (I think they’re mad at me for some reason).

I guess all I have are my words and my books. At least that’s one thing that I know will never change. I can’t say much for anything else.

So, here I am guys. Sorry I haven’t been here lately. I’ll try and fix it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bed. Nighty night!

~Mirisa XO


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