This is SO WEIRD

So, I graduated this past Tuesday. I’m officially not a high schooler anymore. It’s weird.

I mean, I didn’t figure it would feel so significantly different, and it doesn’t, but it still feels weird. I figured I would at least get to sit down and not have to worry about anything for at least one day. No more AP papers to write, no math assignments due the next morning, NO MORE FINALS (I can’t stress enough how great it feels to be done with those for the moment). I deserve to be able to just sit and relax for at least one day, right? Nope, not the case.

When high school stress disappeared, it left a big heaping pile of college stress in its wake. I have to send in my medical forms, make sure all my scholarships are up to date and ready to go, make the extremely difficult decision of which of my huge collection of books and movies I’m going to bring with me, and don’t even get me started on how much I worry about what my roommate is going to be like.

On the bright side, I have a huge amount of energy. I just feel this urgent need to get stuff done, you know? I wasn’t very satisfied with how I was in high school and, with college starting in a few short months, I’m determined to do a personal overhaul. College is my fresh start, my chance to become the person that I want to be, and I’m going to do just that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I hate myself or that I want to completely become a new person. That’s insane and impossible. There’s a ton of stuff I love about myself, I just feel like there’s some stuff I could do better at and I want to do that.

So, to sum up, graduating is weird. It’s a way different kind of stressful, weirdly energizing, and completely horrible in the fact that I haven’t gotten to sleep in once yet, even though I figured I would get to sleep all the time. If I could just sleep in once, it would be fantastic.



About somewhatsara

Hello, internet friends! My name is Sara and I am a college freshman. Books are my best friends and my computer is the reason I don’t go outside. I am majoring in English and double minoring in Writing and Game Studies and Design, so maybe you’ll be playing one of my games someday. I never go anywhere without some type of music and I draw when I’m bored, although not very well.

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