So today, I had my first real job interview. This morning all my dad could say was “keep believing in yourself.” So when I got home, my dad was grinning ear to ear. I walked up the porch steps and told him that I thought that I got the job. I didn’t think it was possible, but he smiled even bigger. He gave me a hug and congratulated me and walked out to the yard to do something-or-other. And while I was sitting there on my front porch looking out into the woods, I realized something. Things are going to be different. Way different.

As I said before, in a few months I will be moving out of my house. Sara will be off to college. Emily will be a sophomore in high school. Chris will be doing…something?

I’m super excited for everything that’s going to be happening, but I kind of feel like life is hitting the fast-forward button. Who is really ready for all of these things? Who really wants to leave everything that they’ve always known and go to some foreign place and have everything change(even if it’s five minutes down the road)? I can see being excited about it, but now that it’s actually happening right before my eyes, it seems crazy.

We all develop this routine. Wake up, go to school, get home, do homework, etc.. And you have to admit it, you hate it when your schedule changes, but what are you supposed to do when your whole life changes? Grin and bare it? Well…that sucks.

However, I know it’s time. I mean you have to grow up sometime right?

So, just remember, while it seems like things are changing for the worse, you have to know that things are changing for the better. The friends you make in college will stay with you forever. The people at your job will open up your eyes to a whole new way of life. But remember, no matter what, you have to believe in yourself. Because that’s the best possible thing you can do.

~Mirisa XO


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